Icon Sep 20, 2010

“A Horrible Monster”, published in Daily Graphic, July 19th, 1880, New York.

(This has been on Vulgar Army previously; this is a clearer, more detailed from Super I.T.C.H.)

Cartoon criticising ‘the pollution of New York’s air by the Standard Oil plant at Hunters Point, New York. The caption reads “A Horrible Monster, whose tentacles spread poverty, disease, death, and which is the primal cause of nuisances at Hunters Point”.

  • “Beautiful Villas on The East River Rendered Uninhabitable” (showing buildings by river with “To Let” signs)
  • “Interrupted Pleasures” (Family & brass band holding cloths to nose & mouth)
  • “Offensive to the Last” (“Hunters Point Ladies Cabin”, smoke stacks in background)
  • “Disease and Death” (Mother grieving over dead child)
  • “A Whiff From Hunters Point” (Diners holding handkerchiefs to mouths)

Original Image source: Kovarik, W. ”Industrial Revolution: 1810 – 1890″ Environmental History Timeline