Of Maps and Octopuses: Revisited

Icon Sep 15, 2010

Previously: “Of Maps and Octopuses”.

Claude Marquet, ‘Fighting the Octopus’, Worker (Sydney), 12 November 1904. Reprinted p6.32 in ‘All the world over’, Dyrenfurth, Nick; Quartly, Marian, Drawing the Line 2009 1:1, 6.1-6.47

School of the Americas Watch (SOAW) have a poster featuring ‘the people’ cutting of the limbs of a skulltopus (Illustration by Haik Hoisington, 2006). The text roughly translates as: “The School Closure Of Murderers! Never More! Enough already!” (Google Translate, Accessed: 29th Nov 2008).

Tako No Asirai (Octopus Treading) by Kobayashi Kiyochika. (1904)

Keppler, Udo J. (1904), “Next!” Puck, v. 56, no. 1436 (N.Y. : J. Ottmann Lith, Co.) 1904 Sept. 7.

Whittling him down’ by Gib Crockett. Published 27 April 1965 in the Washington Star. Image Source: Pop Art Machine, http://tinyurl.com/dlu3u9(Accessed: 16th March 2009)

There He Is! Get Him!” Kal, 2009 (KAL – Kevin Kallaugher) Published ‘The Economist of London’, July 18, 2007. (My personal opinion is this is the ultimate octopus & cartography: here, the map itself grows tentacles).