Icon Jun 6, 2010

“What the Socialist Prime Minister aims at by his Referenda scheme.”
Brisbane Courier, Friday May 23rd 1913 p4.

Octopus with the head of Andrew Fisher. Cartoon was published about a week prior to the general election on May 31 in which the newly renamed Labor party lost by one seat. 

The “Referenda scheme” refers to the 1913 Referendum also held on May 31. It covered: Trade and Commerce, Corporations, Industrial Matters, Trusts, Nationalisation of Monopolies and Railway Disputes.

Labels read:

  • ‘£54 per week with “exes” and “perks”’
  • Car: “Made by France”
  • “Farmer”
  • “Railways”
  • “Industry” and “Industrialism”
  • “Commerce”
  • “Trader”
  • Unable to decipher last one.