Icon Jun 6, 2010

A brief summary, as this is a current event: The Freedom Flotilla is a movement that is trying to get aid, by sea, through the Israel blockade of Gaza. Early on May 31st, Israeli commandos boarded the ships in international waters, killing nine passengers and injuring dozen others.

Carlos Latuff (the artist) graciously permitted me to use the above cartoon of an Israeli octopus attacking the Freedom Flotilla, and answer a few questions relating to it.

Why depict Israel (IDF) as an octopus?

Not anything special about it. Octopus is a sea creature, the Israeli attack against flotilla happened on the sea. Due to old tales of ships being attacked by giant octopus and squids I though it would be interesting making a giant creature.

Have you ever used the octopus as a metaphor in previous cartoons? If so, in what way? (and for the same reasons?)

I remember a cartoon I made of George Bush spreading his tentacles (which were oil pump hoses) around the world.