Vampire Octopus Returns

Icon Feb 14, 2010

Brief post. Another (contemporary) reference to blood sucking octopuses (or in this case the inverse of “multitentacled vampire“):

Political parties appeared and disappeared like the thick grounds at the bottom of Turkish coffee cups. Gipsies read fortunes and played addictive violin music that made one lascivious and light-headed. All this frivolity rested like a multitentacled vampire above a huge, backward peasant mass that lived in hunger and rags in villages. The aristocratic vampire with its grotesque appetites sucked dry the energy of millions of wretched humans.

–Andrei Codrescu, ‘The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara & Lenin Play Chess’

–Quote taken from ‘The Many–tentacled Vampire of Andrei Codrescu‘ (George Ttooli).

Other blood-sucking octopuses:

‘What, then, is the devil-fish? It is the sea vampire.’  (NB: This depends on your translation, in The Modern Library edition it is ‘What, then, is the devil-fish? It is a suction pad.’ p.350)

‘English sailors call it the devilfish or the bloodsucker’ p351 (roughly the same in both translations)

‘A tearing of the flesh is terrible, but less terrible than a sucking of the blood.’ (In The Modern Library edition:  ’ A bite is fearful, but less so than a suction’ p.353)