Icon Feb 13, 2010

Valoroso Marinaio Uccidi il Monstro E libera l’Adriatico (Rico, ~1915)

This postcard from circa 1915 by Rico shows a sailor preparing to spear an octopus with a trident. The octopus bears a black two-headed eagle with crown and red-white-gold shield on its head: the coat of arms for the Austrian Empire/Austro-Hungarian. The dreadnoughts in the background bear a flag with a white cross on a red background with blue or grey border (which looks like a simplified version of the flag of Piedmont, Italy?). It probably refers to theAdriatic Campaign in World War One.

The text “Valoroso Marinaio Uccidi il Monstro E libera l’Adriatico”, roughly translates as “Valiant sailor kills the monster and frees the Adriatic”1.

Published by T. Dell’Avo in Genova, Italy circa 1915.

Sources: Translated by Google Translate, image found on Ebay.