Icon Feb 13, 2010

This is a fairly standard take on octoprop by the UK Independent Party (UKIP) for the 2005 General Elections in the UK. The UKIP is a right-wing party, and was originally a single issue party. That issue was UK independence from the EU. Hence the following ad. In summary: monologue at the start in the style of HG Wells ‘War of the Worlds’. Suddenly a giant blue octopus (EU as indicated by the symbol on its head) emerges to strike terror into a tranquil London. It randomly eats a trawler, before traipsing back to London to hang out at Westminster. The fun stuff stops about 1.10 min into the ad. Of note is the octopus has a mouth. Just seems to be a tendency in propraganda and political cartoons to anthropomorphise the octopus head.

Links: Wikipedia “United Kingdom Independence Party” (Accessed 30 Nov 2008) UKIP homepage (Accessed 30 Nov 2008)