Icon Feb 13, 2010

The following cartoon is by Gib Crockett and appeared in the Washington Star on the 27th of April 1965 during the Vietnam War. It shows an octopus with the head of Ho Chi Minh, and, just in case the viewer didn’t recognise him, his name conveniently written on a tentacle. The arm of the United States is attempting to cut off his tentacles with a pair of scissors labelled ‘air strikes’ in order to loosen the octopuses grip on South Vietnam: “Whittling him down”.


  • Whittling him down’ by Gib Crockett. Published 27 April 1965 in the Washington Star. Image Source: Pop Art Machine, http://tinyurl.com/dlu3u9 (Accessed: 16th March 2009)
  • Also worth comparing this with the 2005 SOAW Skulltopus, which shows the USA as the octopus with it arms reaching down into South America and having them cut off by a giant pair of scissors.