Icon Feb 13, 2010

Stemt Rood! (Hahn, 1918)

The Art Nouveau poster shows the creepy green Kapatalisme (capitalism) octopus with its arms: hongershood (famine), oorlogsleed (war, suffering), anarchie (anarchy) and levensmiddelenwoeker (food usury?)1 . The octopus is under attack from a worker with a pickaxe. The octopus is associated with a burning city and skulls, as opposed to the untouched town behind the worker.

Albert Hahn (1877-1918)2 illustrated “Stemt Rood” for the Sociaal-Democratische Arbeiderspartij. It was printed in 1918 (the same year as Hahn’s death). The slogan read: “Stemt rood!  Kiest de Kandidaten der Soc. Dem. Arb. Partij” (Sociaal-Democratische Arbeiderspartij) or “Vote red! Choose the candidate of the Social-Democratic Labor/Workers’ Party”3. Apparently ten thousand of these posters were printed4. They would have been impressive at the size they were printed at: ~ 107 cm x 78.5 cm.


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