Icon Feb 13, 2010

Les Monopoles (Carrère, P. ~1919, Published by: Chachoin for Union des interets economiques)

The return of the red pieuvre: l’Etat monopole (state monopolies) or Etatiste (statist). I have included “l’Etat Monopole” beneath “Les Monopoles” to compare the two. Both with the red octopus, most of the figures are represented in both, they are, essential the same image.

“LES MONOPOLES donnent de mauvais résultats Opposez-vous à la création de nouveaux Monopoles Défendez LA LIBERTÉ du Commerce de l’Industrie de l’Agriculture et du Travail.” (Monopolies produce bad results. Oppose the creation of new monopolies. Defend freedom of trade, industry, agriculture and labour.)

The octopus is labelled Pieuvre Etatiste (State-control octopus), and the figures are: Mines, Assurances (insurance), Boissons (drinks), Sucres (sugars), Pétroles (oils), and Mutualité Agricole (farmers’ mutual). As well, there is tobacco (the pipe), matches, saltpetre (used in gun powder) and the P.T.T (post).

Source & Translation: VADs, http://tinyurl.com/ad8jqo, (Accessed 2nd Feb 2009)