Humanimalia: A Journal of Human/Animal Interface Studies

Icon Feb 13, 2010

Humanimalia is a new journal the studies the interaction between humans and animals within contemporary culture. I have re-printed part of their manifesto below which outlines what they want to achieve.

From their “Humanimalifesto” (Accessed: 12th Jan 2009):

Humanimalia has three aims: to explore and advance the vast range of scholarship on human/animal relations, to encourage exchange among scholars working within a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and to promote dialogue between the academic community and those working closely with animals in non-academic fields.

We invite innovative work that situates these topics within contemporary culture via a variety of critical approaches, including but not limited to feminism, queer theory, critical race studies, political economy, ethnography, ethnozoology, literary criticism, science and technology studies, and media studies. Ideally, we seek papers that combine approaches, or at the very least draw upon research in other disciplines to contextualize their arguments. As much as possible, we seek papers that connect their analyses of animals and human/animal interactions to existing material practices related to animals or the discourse of animality.

Hopefully there will be octopuses…