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Icon Feb 13, 2010

Franc-Maçonnerie Pieuvre (1905)

Edit (15th Mar 2009): printed in 1905 during the Affaire des Fiches (Thank you to J.M. Navarro for providing provenance for the poster).

Original post:-

A poster produced for The Octopus – an illustrated propaganda sheet – that shows a Jewish/Free Mason octopus squatting over France. The year and artist is unknown for this poster.

« LA PIEUVRE, c’est la Franc-Maçonnerie. Elle s’applique sur la France, elle noue de ses longues bandes l’Armée, la Justice, l’Instruction publique, le Clergé, la Jeunesse, l’Administration, toutes les forces vives de la Nation.  Elle l’épuise et la livre sans défense au Juif et à l’Étranger ».1

The octopus is Freemasonry. It applies to France, it builds its long strips of the Army, Justice, Public Instruction, the Clergy, Youth, the Administration, all the forces of the Nation. It is exhausting and ?  defenseless to the Jew and abroad.2

A travelling exhibition had the theme that there was a plot against France ‘which had led to the country’s fall and which according to the theses of the Action Française had been organised by “the Jew, the Protestant, the Mason and the Foreigner” ‘3.


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  2. Translation down with Google language tools.
  3. Wikipedia (2009): ‘History of Freemasonry in France’ (Accessed: 2nd Feb 2009)

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