Icon Feb 13, 2010

An article from Seychelles Weekly (June 13th 2008) that takes the octopus metaphor and expands on it to describe the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front (SPPF).

‘Used as a metaphor to describe the current state of affairs that is ‘engulfing’ our small nation today. This octopus is a special one as it has outgrown itself and now has ten (10) tentacles. At the rate things are going, this animal might mutate and wreak a lot more havoc than our little Sesel and its Seselwa will be able to bear. The octopus squirts its ink through an intricate web of propaganda machines as it slowly tightens its grip on our little Seychelles. … We are under the stranglehold of The SPPF Octopus.’ (Seychelles Weekly, 2008)

Worth reading for such gems as: ‘Even the daughter of HEAD Octopus and many other Children of the Revolution are experimenting with new inks’.

And the conclusion? Eat the octopus: ‘And being smart, we have learned how to kill an Octopus from our true Seselwa ancestors. … [A]ll of us Seselwa brothers and sisters can sit down to enjoy a good “salade zourit”’ (Seychelles Weekly, 2008).